All FH's mods and paints thread

Agreed lol, what I don’t like about the new FH2s is those molding marks in the pad recess make it much harder to recess on a drill.

I’m going to change the title, just to what? All FH mods and paints thread.

Here’s a reshaped FH2 with deepened recesses for silicone and schmoove rings.

Here’s a special one, I traded it a while ago, but this was one of my better mods and paintjobs. The HellFire FH2

The hub was actually shortened so the spike was easier to access, as you can see from the photos.

And of course, the schmoove ring and silicone.

Are the new FHZ celcon any better than a recess on a FHZ? Haven’t tried one :stuck_out_tongue:

Post some more since we are online at the same thread :stuck_out_tongue: EDIT** How did you do that big nice recess? I’m no good modder but I want to be!

FHZ celcon?

I have one but I would get in trouble with the admins/moderators if I post it lol

Celcon FHZ? Whaa?

It’s on Duncans page 44.99 gets you one their at the top the pic is a orange one.

Ooh, that, that’s the Cyclon FHZ, it was modded by Cyclontzy lol They play great!

And hubstacked and painted FH2


Guys tried stacking a FH? Zero or 2?

Niice, what are you using for hubstacks?

LOL, what a coincidence!!! ;D

YYF’s I assume?

O, I hear a Volunteer Firefighter siren in the distance, the ones on the fire station. They give me the creeps :o

TITLE CHANGED! Thanks jhb! ;D

Here’s a guide I wrote a while ago

I’ll use that sometime! Have you tried Z-stack mod, to make them fit well, that would be interesting. :wink: edit** Also modifying a FH(Z)(2)(ect) for side effects would be nice but possibly to much weight.?.?.?

Is there a link on how to paint fh0?

There are many, It’s called google or search the forums here. I could explain the basics.

Get a FHZ pop out the caps and take out the bearing and other stuff so it’s just the halves, then if you want a cool splashy splash :stuck_out_tongue: use the axle and put the end of the axle on a drill(dremel is better if you have one) put paint of your choice inside the yoyo halve and turn on the dremel/drill the paint should rise to the edges then stop. I’m no pro I’ll bet Cyclontzy or yoyospirit could explain beter.

I’m going to try and see if I can do a swirl paint job on a clear FHZ.