my first painted FHZ

Heyy guyzz just got my FHZ in the mail 2 days ago, and i decided to paint it.
Apparently it didn’t turn out that well. i did my best. my hands were shaking a lot during this project of mine. also im no artist.

Here are some pics

scroll to thr right and see more pics

let me know how u think bout it.


pretty sick


actually on the contrary i think it looks great

dude that looks epic.there’s nothing else anything, anyone could say about the paint job. You could also clean the bearing, put on a SMALL drop of thin lube and silicone recess it to fit duncan silicone groove pads. They sell pads that fit small bearings now, and if you buy the pads first you can measure it up and get a perfect recess line. Do that and you’ll have a mean throw. ;D