FHZ's By XminusmikeX - 0 Left, I'll keep you cats posted when I get more FHZ's


Ok YYE forum friends, I have 1 clear FHZ left in my stash that need some painting love. The FHZ will come silicone recessed (single sided or dual sided), the bearing will be clean/dry, and it will be placed back into it’s original packaging with all of the counterweights. Schmoove rings are optional. Remember, these are BRAND NEW and have never been thrown.

For a review on my work:

As always, I am selling these for $30 shipped, and please no trades. PM me if you are interested

These may very well be the last FHZ’s I will be able to mod/paint until after the holidays. They are first come first serve so if you would like one please PM me.


The one named Sunday times. How did you do that. That looks so awesome.

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