LOTS of modded FHZs / MOMZ / BIG Ricestacks / CWs / Counter Attack / PRICE DROP

Offer up. Mostly looking to sell, but would consider trades. In search of a Punchline.

CUTted FHZ. Includes Terrapin X FHZip bearing. Silicone recessed. Plays great. Pretty much a one-off fun mod. Might do some more in the future. Not really sure. $30

Clear with red rings Counter Attack. Flat bearing. Has a light vibe. $15

3 brand new translucent blue FHZs modded your way!

Prices listed below will include shipping in the US, a Terrapin X FHZip bearing (awesome!!), and any or all of the following mods:

  • silicone recessed
  • Shmoove rings
  • Satined (standard or spiral satined)
  • Rubber weight rings
  • “Wiped” caps (remove the FHZ logo)

Translucent Blue (Several Available) $30
Sparkle Blue (1 available) $35
Clear (1 available) $35
Can turn one into a MOMZ (Maxed Out Mini Zero) for $15 additional.

Will also include a dice counterweight.

It will take a couple of days since these will be made-to-order.

Full set of Duncan Counterweights. Red/Black. $10

1 Translucent Blue Maxed Out Mini Zero. 51mm. Cleaned bearing. Spiral Satined. Silicone Recessed. Shmoove Rings. This one came out with a minimal vibe, so I’ll let it go for $25

Ricestacks Grande! These are dice stacks made out of Duncan size counter weights. 22mm as compared to a standard Ricestack, which is 12mm.

Red. 3 sets available. $5 each set. Comes with 2 o-rings

Blue. 1 set available. $5. Comes with 2 o-rings.

Everything’s still available!

Added modded FHZ and pink Bad Rep Lite.

Undersize FHZ sold.

Added Undersize stacked PGM

Price drop on TT and BadRep Lite

BadRep Lite pending.

Added white unstacked undersize PGM, too.

Lots of inquiries on the PGMs, but both still up for grabs.

how a bout 10 canadian for the duncan fire whwwls yoyo?
i do not have paypal

Bump. More undersized FHZs should be finished this week-end. PM me if you want one of them.

Undersize PGMs are gone. 2 of the 3 MOMZ (Maxed Out Mini Zeros) are gone. One more left. Selling it cheap because of a vibe.

Also added a couple of sets of BIG Ricestacks. 22mm stacks made out of Duncan Counterweight size dice.

can i get the fire wheels for 18 canadian

I would do it for $24 canadian. That would cover shipping to Canada, too…

since i do not have paypal i only can mail the cash to you so can you let me go for the shipping?

MOMZ FHZ and Bearingized Wheel are both gone!


Can silicone recess the Pocket Rocket.

im liking the pocket rocket,
a pgm
a sunset trajectory

what state do u live in???
im wondering what shipping would be

I’ma lovin’ teh wheels!

Adding 15 brand new translucent blue FHZs modded your way!


Lots of interest, but still have lots of FHZs available for modding!

10 Translucent Blue FHZs still available for modding.

Option now available to add a Terrapin X FHZip bearing for only $5!!

Pm’d. :slight_smile:

7 Mod It Your Way FHZs available!

1 MOMZ available in translucent blue. This one came out with more of a vibe than I like, so I’ll let it go for $30.