FrankenPeak / Large Bearing FHZs / DV8ish Mod / Throw Monkey

Looking for
Broken Gung Fus (stripped, messed up bearing seat, etc)
Most any other broken yoyo

For sale or trade:

FrankenPeak! Peak rims with homemade hubs. Born Crucial SPR. Comes with a large bearing SPR, but a small bearing SPR should also fit. $120

Large bearing SPR’ed FHZ. ‘Zero’ on the caps is painted silver and there are silver and I used Ghazi’s painting technique to do silver splats radiating out from the hub. I originally did this one for myself, but I ended up doing a different one for myself, so I’m selling this one. $35

DV8ish Mods: These are customs made loosely resemble the original Buzzon DV8. I started with a stock Menehune, narrowed it and added custom aluminum rings. Shmoove rings are added to the inside, and then a Born Crucial large bearing SPR is used for bearing seat and response. These are slightly wider and slightly smaller diameter than a stock DV8. Very fun to play, and unforgiving on a bad throw! $35 each shipped in the USA!

Spiral Satined Red

ILYY Size bearings. All 3 brand new. (2) flat s KK[/s]. $8 each for the flat, $14 for the KK KK Sold to attybud

Duncan Throw Monkey. No side caps. $9

I have several translucent blue Freehand Zeros available to be modded your way. (1 left for now. More soon!)

You can get them silicone recessed or pad recessed. Price INCLUDES a Terrapin X center cut bearing. Shmoove rings can be cut into it for you. Rubber weight rings that fit under the caps are also available. Satin (regular or spiral satin) available at no additional charge. $28 for silicone recessed, $30 for pad recessed. Reshapes available at additional cost.

I also have 1 clear FHZ available. Price INCLUDES a Terrapin X center cut bearing. $33 for silicone recessed $35 for pad recessed. Could also do shmooves, satin (regular or spiral) and rubber weight rings at no additional charge. Would come with the 3 Duncan counterweights that come in the retail package.

Born Crucial large bearing option available for $7 additional. This option would come with a large, flat, cleaned bearing.

Set of FHZ rubber weight rings. These fit under the stock caps and add about 6.6 grams for the set. $3 / set shipped

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Orange FHZ and CUTted FHZ are gone!

Counter Attack may be pending.

The fire rages on!!

Added some of these:

are you still selling the 888, or is it sold?

888 is still available.

Oh, i just realized that the sale ends 4/24, i’m not going to be able to buy the 888 by then. It’s too early. Thanks anyway. Ill have my money ready by June sometime, but not late april.

Everything will still be FOR sale, just not ON sale after that! :slight_smile:
Rages on!!


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What’s the difference? ??? ???

I’ve dropped prices from my regular price on the FHZs. Thus they’re “on sale”. After the 24th, the price will go back up, so they’ll still be “for sale” just not “on sale”… see? :-\

ooooooohhhhhh, wow, im stupid. okay thanks ;D

thanks, can you let me know if and when your 888 goes? I just dont have enough time to make enough allowance money for it. Thanks :wink:
Fire sale will end tomorrow!
Uh oh! The fire department has arrived! This fire sale is almost over! Today’s the last day!!!

Whew! Glad that fire’s out ;D

Oooooh, turning the heat back up a bit with these babies:

Started out yesterday with 42 of the clear dice counterweights. 26 left!

Added (2) Clear FHZs and (1) Orange with white caps FHZ!