Yoyos for sale.


I am going to try and clean up my BST and list what I have left. Some of them I will want probably more than they’re worth due to sentimental value and some I’ll let go reasonable. If I know you, you will get preferential treatment. If we have never dealt before, make an offer so I can determine if we are on the same page. This is not everything but right now it’s all I have gotten sorted out. I’ll put prices on a couple, Electric Flash $70, B grade Superstar $50 or $100 for both. Prices are plus shipping. Disregard any further posts in this BST because, as of now I haven’t sorted through to see whats left. The Alan Grey is gone to Germany.
I still have this one. Mint with Box. $75 +shipping

Here they are :slight_smile:


I’ve still got this Bape 2 $80 plus shipping



Can you list them out?


BIO Maleus
3YO3 Bassline
Red Bolt with Higby painted caps
Stacked Ceephax made for me by Landon,
Agape fade to Jade anoed by Gruntbull, Hetic,
Pyro Light,
Toxic Hazmat,
Fools Gold Mischief Chief,
One Drop 54,
Werrd 4XL anoed by Vendetta,
Fools Gold Avalanche,
One Drop M1,
and in the side compatment there is a
RiceRocket version of the DV8 (stacked)
a custom yoyo by a modder called Moonlight, he called it the “Mingle”, and a Joint Effort between General-Yo and 3YO3.

i guess its like that


Here are a few better pics of the Pyro Light.


I have an Electric Flash that I acquired in a trade that is an awesome player but I guess I’ll list it along with everything else. There is no damage to it and new ones are listed in yoyoexpert shop for $110 plus shipping so I’ll list this one for $90 shipped in the US.



Her’s a nice one. Fifth run Avalanche anodized by Gruntbull.THIS ONE IS GONE!


Here’s an Enemy that has been tuned and balanced and buffed. They claim it to be the X-Con with a full metal jacket :slight_smile: I got a good deal on it originally so in sprite of the time and effort I put into it I’ll let it go for $55 shipped in the USA and Canada. THIS ONE IS GONE!


Here’s a better shot of the Chief. THIS ONES GONE


Here are some better pics of the Royale. I’m looking for $100 shipped in the US.


Here are a few pics of the NVX. It has a few scuffs but plays great and is a blast!


Here’s a work of art by Alan Grey. Here is a response from Alan himself. It was posted on yoyonation in a thread that I started regarding this yoyo;

“Glad to see it arrived safely. I was happy with how it turned out. Making a smooth playing wood yoyo is very difficult.
Lignum Vitae is amazing wood. You can’t put any finish on it since the wood is so oily. It holds threads very well. I am actually using a fine / 28 thread tap rather than 20 like the Silk has. It gives me almost 2 extra inches of thread contact. It has nearly 7 inches of threads contacting the wood on each half. Much less load per inch of thread.
I have been making yo-yos like this for about 8 years and never had the wood strip. It works really well. The threaded brass spacers keep the bearing centered on the axle during installation and provide the bearing seats rather than relying on wood to support the bearing. The fine thread axle seems to be just slightly larger than a course thread axle keeping it better centered on the bearing.
Since the wood is threaded, I am able to take it off and on the lathe as many times as I need to get the weight as equal as possible between the two halves.”



Here’s one I got in a trade. It’s got a couple dings that you can feel but since it has no color you should be able to clean it up nicely. Yoyo Skeel Stalker THIS ONE IS GONE


Here is a unique mod by Landon Balk of 3YO3. It is a modified Renegade that he calls the 'Factorgade" He told me that this modification (not this particular one, of course) was one of the first mods he ever did and he is very good at it! Silicone response, large bearing and weighted rims.



According to Ernie’s website there were only five of this first batch made. It’s the KLR.


Here’s a blast from the past! These legendary strings are just about as rare as hen’s teeth these days.
I DECIDED TO KEEP THESE :slight_smile:


Here’s another Agape. $60 on this one.



Here’s some better pics of the Cephax. Landon used the stack assembly from a brand new Buddha King Light but the stock stacks in these pics (Landon took them before shipping) were a little too short to be useful so I sent it to Ricerocket and he turned some longer ones out of delrin which are working excellently on it now.
Thanks to both Landon Balk and Chris Rice for the creation of this remarkable throw!



Here are some additional pics of the 4XL Vendetta did a great job on it!
This is one Bad A** 4XL. Beefcaked with two treated Ten Balls it is DEAD smooth.
I will also include the Werrd spacer that allows it to be used with a single bearing (although I don’t know why you’d want to :slight_smile: ) It is fairly responsive in it’s current setup.



Her’s a bit of trivia that some of you may not know. Even though Liberace was a tremendous piano player he sucked on the organ :slight_smile:


Here are some better pics of the Icon. I’M KEEPING THIS ONE :slight_smile: