FrankenPeak / Large Bearing FHZs / DV8ish Mod / Throw Monkey


Lots of new stuff added!


Added some new speckled counterweights!


Green/black speckled & 3 Red marbeled counterweights still available. Several clear CWs still available. Adding these beauts:


how much for the YYF sell for


yoEEKyo: Not sure I’m following the question…

Posted pics and specs for the FHZ weight rings.


its cool its probably already gone


Price drop on the clear CWs


how much would that cost?


Born Crucial large bearing option available for $7 additional. This option would come with a large, flat, cleaned bearing.


Added LOTS of new dice counterweights.


Added 3 DV8ish Mods


White DV8ish mod gone.




Added the Fluchs that met its Crucial Ending!


Motivated seller here! Trying to raise some quick cash. Would trade the modded Fluchs straight up for a Bape or Eetsit in near mint condition.


Memorial Day sale going on now through Monday! Get 'em while they’re hot!


How much for a stock blue FHZ with/without weight rings?


Last day to save some dough! Hit me up!


I also have a limited number of Ricestacks to match most of the speckled dice shown above. $9 for a complete combo (1 speckled CW and 1 set of matching Ricestacks).


Booomp! Matching counterweights / Ricestacks combos now available!