Large Bearing FHZ with side spinning caps! New stuff posted 10-10-10


I started out by milling the hub area where the nut would normally go. I then bored the hole where the spacer used to go a little bigger. I then machined some aluminum rod down to fit in the bore. After the adhesive set up, I machined the new bearing seat and threaded it to 8-32 threads. Then I flipped the yoyo and machined hubstacks. Nothing sticks out like the Throwdown FHZ stack kits used to.



:o :o :o :o AWESOME

How does it play? It kinda reminds me of the Yoyojam Solid Spin Axle thingy


Smooooooooth. Very light stack vibe, but extremely smooth on the string.


I no you aint selling this one! :o :o :o :o


I want that sooo bad


Thanks guys.  Finished product as demonstrated by my son ‘sonofricerocket’!

I love the ‘revving’ noise!

This one probably won’t go up for sale, but hopefully there will be more in the near future :slight_smile:


this is AWESOME! Clean job, keep it up!


Chris, There have been a lot of people try to remake this yoyo. It was done a while back to perfection. Seems you are the only one capable of it?


Very cool idea. I work at a car dealership and a client came in with the Spinner rims that were so hip a while ago and the joke was made that I should get a yo-yo that does that. I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow and show off your video.


Man, that’s pretty neat. After revival mentioned the rims that is what it reminds me of.


Finished this one up for my son.

Also just finished up an 8 Bit FHZ for my buddy oldedges.

Several more coming soon that will be put up for sale shortly!

(Mi) #12

heartttttt yoyooooooooooooo


Amazing. :wink:


Just finished this one up for me today!

Purple flowable, Cobalt Blue and Pearl Purple splats and Pearl White base.

I also finished up a couple of translucent blue ones that are for sale on my BST!


my eyes are twitching at the awesomeness of those. Can you adopt me? PLEEEZ?