Stacked Lynn Fury

I accidentally overtightened my fury and cracked the center protruding molded plastic nubs; so I decided to put it on a lathe and sand down the nubs to the axle opening. I purchased a longer bolt from lowe’s for an axle and used some A size bearings and gold duncan spacers to slip over the protruding axle. I used an e-clip (also from lowes) to keep the bearing from sliding of the axle, and then finally, I topped the bearing with some standard yoyofactory hubs:) While I was in modding mode, I decided to sateen the yo as well. I am very pleased with its look, feel and performance.

Moral of the story, any yoyo can be hubstacked when there is a will and a little ingenuity.

Cool stuff! I’ve been wanting to try a hubstacked yoyo for some time now. I’m thinking of somehow stacking one of my Freehands (something I can easily undo if I don’t like it).

Should be pretty easy to stack A FH. Just tAke it with you to lowes or hdepot and browse the hardware section for a long machine screw that would make a good axle. You will also need a couple of Duncan spacers and a bearings. For the caps be creative, drill a bearing sized hole in a die or just slip a pencil top eraser over the bearing. Happy modding; dont forget to post pics:)

Ooh, nice and sweet!

SICK. can we see more pics ? ;D

another angle

That thing is crazy awesome. Did you drill a hole to fit the axle through?

if you sand the molded plastic nub down far enough, you will reach the factory drilled axle opening; there is no need to drill a hole:)