How to properly hubstack your YYF Yuuksta, Dv888, Genesis, etc.


Ok, a lot of yoyoer have been hubstacking their YYF yoyos, and quite a few of them have ruined the yoyo or PGM posts in the process. I’m writing this guide to tell everyone how to “properly” hubstack a YYF yoyo that exposes the axle, meaning this won’t work with something like the Supernova. A list of items you will need is

-The yoyo
-2 PGM posts
-The axle from the yoyo or from the PGM
-A fully threaded M4-0.7 bolt, at least 30mm in length
-A 5/64 size allen wrench

Start by forcing the axle through the side of the yoyo with the allen wrench, there will be a hole in the axle for the wrench. Screw the axle through the threaded hole and unscrew it multiple times, until you can screw the axle through with just your fingers.

The next two steps are optional, but I prefer to do this so the bolt doesn’t look so much like it was taken off the PGM

Take both the posts and sand down the step on the bolt. The picture compares the unsanded one to the sanded one.

Then after each post is sanded down, put the post on a drill and basically round the hex part. I used the inner diameter of a C Bearing to know when to stop.

Now that the optional steps are over with, here’s when the fully threaded bolt is useful. This is how the post is installed into the yoyo. First, screw the fully threaded bolt into the PGM post. Like in the picture.

Then, cut the rest of the fully threaded bolt using a hack saw, leaving only about 3mm of the actual axle poking out of the post. After it’s cut, file down a bit of the axle so the top isn’t as rough and can be screwed into the yoyo.

After, cover the post with duct tape or masking tape, this will keep the drill from damaging the post. Then, clamp the post into the drill and slowly screw the axle sticking out into the from the IRG, or the cup of the yoyo. Make sure the post is in tight enough that you are unable to unscrew the post with your fingers.

If it was done right, this is how the post should look like.

After both posts are installed, the original 12mm axle for the yoyo will be too long. Take the rest of the fully threaded bolt and cut a new axle that will fit. After the mod is done, you will have a hubstacked whatever!


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Outstanding tutorial.


No - it’s been added to List of useful modification and maintenance guides


Not really worthy of being stickied, it’s not easy enough for just anyone to try. But the list is a much better option :slight_smile:


That’s probably one of the best step by step guides for how to hubstack at least a certain configuration of yoyos. I think this is good foundation that has potential far outside it’s original scope.

Excellent job.


Can you just get a longer axle?
and were do you get the posts?


Post are sold under the yoyofactory Axles.


Can you do it with out the nuts?


people still care about hubstacks?


Apparently :stuck_out_tongue: And to JO-YO, no, since without the bolts, there would be nothing holding the stack in place.


Great tutorial but for some reason the pics are blank. If body else has this problem could copy and send me the pics a

Thank you!