help on hubstacking a hectic

anyone know u can do it i have a pgm so that gives me parts i know this can be done because look


WOW this is my video!
u need to get the parts and make a better hole to sides ( cuz the axle dont come out of the other side of the yoyo )

then u glue it

i cant explain better sorry

btw the noise in the clip is of the cars outside

You’ll need the guts from a PGM to do this. I’ll tell you how, but I don’t recomend actually doing it.

First you need to screw in the axle to one of the sides THROUGH the yoyo. I did this by wrapping one end in electrical tape to protect the threads, and I used pliers to overtighten the axle so it would push through the other side of the yoyo. PUSH ON THE AXLE IN THE DIRECTION YOU ARE SCREWING IT IN, OTHERWISE YOU WILL STRIP THE THREADS ON THE INSIDE OF THE YOYO.

repeat this for both sides.

Now you want to screw the yoyo together and tune the axle so it is in the center. Unscrew the yoyo and use teflon tape to make sure the axle stays put. screw the yoyo back together.

Screw the hubstack posts from the PGM onto the axle on the outside of the yoyo. Attach hubstacks. Play. Experience vibe :stuck_out_tongue:

my hectic already has prittty bad vibe idk if i will do it it seemed realy neat tho thanks i will post pic if i do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t it be a lot cleaner to get a tap of the correct size and follow the threads through with that, rather than forcing the axle through. You will get cleaner threads that way.