Modifying my Genesis?

Hi, guys. I have an original genesis without hubstacks. I would like to add hubstacks to the sides. What should I do? I was think maybe I should order a 12 mm axle and force it through both sides and somehow install hubstacks?

In my experience with a dv888, hub stacks on a not already hubstacked yoyo is kinda annoying. Maybe there is a better way of doing it but for me they would come off or when I wanted to take it apart i would have to take one of the stacks off…

Well, I wouldn’t mind that much as I hardly ever unscrew my yoyo. What’s concerning me is where to get hubstacks and how to put them on.

You can get hubstacks here:

Wait, so if I just screw a 12mm axle through both sides, I can just slap on these hubstacks and I’ll be good to go? Do these hubstacks include bearings for them?

12mm Axle won’t be long enough, you probably need a 20mm.

To attach the hubstacks you’ll need the ‘Grind Machine Metal Posts’ which you can also find on the YoYoFactory axle page.

Hubstacks do not come with bearings, so pick up 2 size A bearings as well.

Keep in mind that modifying your yo-yo can cause damage, especially if it’s your first attempt. So if you really like the yo-yo I would recommend thinking twice about it.

I wouldn’t, hubstacks are nice, but because of how they would be set up, they’d be more of a nuisance.

Okay, so what I do is: Thread the 20mm axle through both sides, put the grind machine posts on both sides, put both A Bearings into the hubstacks and put the hubstacks on each side onto the grind machine posts. Is that correct?

Post > Bearing > o-ring (comes with hubstacks) > Hubstack

Hubstacks can be a little awkward set up this way like YoYoSpirit said. They will stick out a little more than usual. If you have a dremel you can cut down the posts to make them fit more flush, but i’d only recommend that if you’re comfortable using tools.

What is this “post” exactly? Is it the longer axle?

The posts are the pieces that hold the hubstacks. It screws onto the axle on each side.

Oh, okay. So I figured. Why would the hubstacks be sticking out a little?

Basically, you would need pliers to tighten the posts every time you unscrewed it. And you would need to remove the stacks and bearings off the posts to do so.

They will stick out because they’re designed to fit into a nut/bolt type axle system.