can you hubstack a REGULAR Genesis


i have a REGULAR genesis and i was wondering can you hubstack one or is it just for the hubstacked genesis version only?
the little wall sticking out on the side is it big enough to fit a size a bearing?


could try this
go to yoyo modifications section,
click on the stickied threads on the very top,17792.0.html
and it should show you how to do it.


Anythings possible.


I saw someone selling a hubstacked Kyo DNS (Do Not Stack) at some point, so this should be easy by comparison. :wink:

(M.DeV1) #5

If its the same axle setup as a DV888 then yes you could. I have seen lots of people hubstack DV888’s.


What I think you’d have to do is file down the middle of the hub to allow for a longer axle or hubstack post. Not sure if it would work but if you don’t like your genesis it may be worth a shot.





Anthony, if you didn’t find the proper thread through the list, it is this one. YoyoSpirit mentions not everyone might be able to do it, but I imagine if you need help you could message him and see if he has any further tips.


never mind I choose to not hubstack it :slight_smile:

thx anyways for helping


I mean the little nub is too short to put a A bearing on…


I have put a A bearing and hubstacks on my NON-hubstacked genesis and it worked. So just use no o rings :smiley:hope this helped!