making hubstacks

Is there a way to make a hubstack kit, I have two duncan bearings. I wanted to hubstack my hayabusa when I get it.

Hey Manny Bee!
What I have heard is that you can cut those areas in the side where they hold the axle. Then replace the original axle with a longer axle. Then attach a the bearing to the axle with a small oring. Like you would originally attach a bearing to a hubstack post. For the actual hubstacks you would need to get a regular one or make your own which I have no idea how to. Really hope I made sense and helped. I heard this in a post on another forum a long time ago, I think. Anybody correct me if I am wrong.

Honestly, I dont think hubstacking is a good idea unless you are being taught and watched by an experienced modder. It could very easily destroy your yoyo. I do know of a couple modders that do work like this with the guts of a PGM, i would suggest talking to Icthus for their info, and to see if they even do it to Haybusas. Icthus knows a lot about the modding scene, so I’d start with him before anybody else

Large size synergy caps atually fit the Haybusa… Just a thought.

There is a thought!!!

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Thanks everyone…but why I needed to make some is because I don’t have the money to buy some.