What should I (pay someone to) do to my Hayabusa (if I get one)?

I know:

Schmoove rings

That’s it.

Gonna play the jerk card:

Teach you how to properly play it.

That’s all it really needs.

Maybe add an A-sized centertrac bearing or a KK. Mine plays fine stock but I wonder how it would play with either of those bearings in it.

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JERK Thanks. But still, I want at least one modded yoyo. Duncan = Hubstacks, and I want hubstacks.

But if it rally makes you feel better, I’ll learn how to use it first.

I think you might be better off with a FHZ for modding. The Hayabusa, like with most off-strings, is big, and it might not be so great to have it hubstacked only from the perspective that it’s gonna be that much harder to get your fingers around it. If you’re going to stack it, you’ll probably want to recycle the caps to make them into Z-type stacks(that cover the cap area).

I think the FHZ, if stacked properly, would be a better way to go. Then, while you’re at the whole mod thing, I’d say go ahead and make a silicone recess and a schmoove ring. If it was me, that’s how I’d go.

All I did to modify my Hayabusa is to pop a set of the Shinwoo LED light-up kits in it. They just go right in, replace the caps, you’re done. It’s that easy. It’s almost too easy. But, that was the exact purpose for me buying that clear Hayabusa. It even comes with stickers and spacers, but I find it “as-is” from the package it works exactly the way I would like it to work.

Fajar Siddiq doesn’t seem to have trouble grabbing his hubstacked Hayabusa, it’s not that big.

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A Hayabusa is basically nothing more than a modded FHZ: Duncan took an FHZ and put rubber rims on it, and that’s about it. You can do anything to a Hayabusa that you can to an FHZ. Duncan’s offstrings are fairly small compared to the competition, and it is because they are just modded regular yoyos. The Flying Panda and Throw Monkey are both modded FH2’s. Because they are smaller than other offstrings, they would be the best, and easiest, to hubstack.

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