Can you put hubstacks on void?

??? i dont know if u can so im asking
and im not sure if this is for modifaction section because its a question about modifaction

Should be in Modifications.
But yes, but you’d have to send it to and EXPERT modder. Cough IcthusCough
Actually, I’m not even sure he could do that, but I’m not sure

You could hub any yoyo realy, but it would take serious modding, and will probably cause vibe and put the yoyo at risk of breaking. I wouldn’t recomend hubstacking any yoyo unless it is beat yoyo and won’t ruin your life if it get’s a little screwed up, such as a postless YYF yoyo like a beat Dv888. I hubed my Hectic, I should have showed it to you at the Dxl meet.

~James Reed! :slight_smile:


okay thanks guys and james the next meet glasseye said maybe may 22nd
and i just thought because the void has those posts on them so i though the hubstacks would fit on them.

No, the matador spikes aren’t made to take hubstacks

I don’t think they’re matador spikes, they’re just simple old posts.

BuhhdaFussion, why would you want to put hubs on a perfectly good yoyo, when you haven’t even tried it? I think you should take james’s idea of taking a beater and sending it to someone like RiceRocket.

It looks like it has an inverted hub, so you might be able to do some matador tricks like on the Black Knight.

Oh, and Buddafussion, you can use your beat Frantic to stack. That would be perfect! It is real simple to stack YYF fundemetals. I’ve done it before. I will show you at the next meet. All you need is the Plastic Grind Machine guts. :wink:

~James Reed!

Okay thanks… but i dont got pgm

True with any yoyo. I totally agree with you.

i got my void and ur all right u cant about 3milimeters short

Yes do it. that frantic was horrible anyways.