Hub stack a Yuuksta?

I was wondering if it would be possible to hub stack my new YYF Yuuksta, and if it would be easy or require some serious modding? Thanks

why does everyone want to stack every new yyf yoyo that comes out? if you want stacks get a stacked yoyo.

If its easy to do then I’m gonna do it but if it isn’t then i won’t. Its not that i have to have it stacked.

if you also have a PGM you can do it. You’ll most likely ruin your yoyo though, so I don’t reccomend it that much…

Just don’t do it, you don’t need hubstacks, if you hubstack the Yuuksta, it’ll probably end up throwing off the balance of the yoyo, if you really want a hubstacked yoyo, buy a PGM or something, but they get boring in like a day.

Thanks for the feedback, I don’t think I’ll put them on.