hubstack yoyos?


Hey guys, im seeing a lot of yoyo that have these holes in the side and i was wondering if those are hubstackable or if they are meant to be hubstacked.
ex: Genesis, Lunatic and so on

thanks for the help!


I dont think the hole is there so the yoyo is hubstackable.
Its more to maxed the axel length without put more weight in the center for hubs.

I do belive someone can put a hubstack on if that someone have very, very good moding skills.


I know Brett Grimes has hubstacked M1’s and even Dingo’s, so I’m sure you could throw them on the YYF’s. Like he said though, it takes some skills to pull it off. You would need a longer axle and the parts to stack it. I’m sure if you look around you can find a tutorial or a modder that would try for you, given compensation ($$).


if what you see is a cylinder type of hole, these fixtures are commonly known as posts, which are meant to put hubstacks on to.


You can’t hubstack that, it’s only there to put less tension in the inside of the yoyo and nothing will break inside the yoyo I think. But it’s definitely not hubstackable. You can only hubstack a yoyo that came with them. Such as the Superstar, G5, (comes with Z-stacks but still hubstackable) Eight8Eight and some other models. Hope this helped you.

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False information.

You can hubstack any yoyo with time and skill.
It is easiest to just send it to a magical modder who can make it happen, but if you want to try your hand at it, more power to ya. I’d start w/ duncans though