dark magic mod

Hey has anybody tried adding homemade hubstacks on a dark magic ???

evan put hubstacks on his black knight but you have to cut the little hub part out

Get synergy caps

Much less risky, much easier.

i would go for synerhy caps to but if u wanna try homemade i could give u a few ideas

Yeah i want to try home made just to give it that custom touch.

this just popped in my head so i dont know if itll work
ok get 2 mosquitoes or 2 cheap ball bearing yoyos take one spacer for each bearing glue the spacer to
the place u want it to be the take a small drop of glue and stick in the middle of the bearing where the spacer touches and put on one of those rubber stubs on the end

ps i have no idea if itll work but i can give a try i u want me to i rather try it myself first

The idea is good but it would be almost impossible to do, especially without having a lathe and a computer to get it centered just right, at which point doing that wouldn’t be effective.

good point but im gonna try it

The most common mod method would probably be to chop the hubs, gut a PGM and use the PGM guts in the DM… I wouldn’t do it… Just get the PGM or Synergy caps

I think i’ll just get synergy caps 8 ;D

good idea my idea is a no go

okay, ima do this soo but is good plan. Cut down the whole nub with a drmel or rotary blade. Then poke a hole through both sides exposing the bolts. get another yoyojam axle and soter it to the dm one. From there, screw em one and some parts shud be exposed. Find stack posts from a FHZ kit and boom done

“Soldering” an axle wouldn’t be a good idea. Among other things, you wouldn’t be able to get it straight. If you really knew what you were doing, you would know how to cut the head off of a bolt for a longer axle…

Soldering will not give a strong connection. Soldering is designed to hold wires onto circuit boards and similar applications. Two axles soldered together will snap very easily. You could just buy a longer setscrew but that still won’t be the end of your problems. The FHZ hubstack nuts are tapped for the M4 axle used in Duncan and YYF yo-yos. YoYoJam uses a 6x32 axle. The nuts won’t thread on correctly. Also, let’s be honest. Do you really want to have to remove the hubstack nuts before you unscrew the yo-yo and then put them back on after you screw the yo-yo back together?

You are way better off just buying set of synergy caps or a PGM if you want to play with stacks.

Why would you possibly handicap your yoyo for an idea that just possibly (probably not) will work?

Just get the parts. It’s less expensive than buying a new dm.

The only thing I can think of is shaping the hub so A bearings fit on it. THen just stick hubstacks on. Or you could do the smart thing by buying synergy caps…

very true, but mine has lasted for awhile, risky. i just glue everything together. I know its bad for my yoyo but its an old one anyways