FrankenPeak / Large Bearing FHZs / DV8ish Mod / Throw Monkey


Added Punchline and a Furph Yo RoK


Marbled blue DV8ish mod gone, but I can do more. Hit me up if you want one.

Interesting offers on the Rok, but would rather sell or trade for a mint Bape or Eetsit.


Duncan = Love Modded FHZ is gone! I can mod any of the other FHZs listed in the same way.


Really looking to get some $$ together to get a 44 Special! Make me an offer if you don’t like my prices!

Willing to offer volume discounts if you want multiple dice counterweights!


Punchline is gone.


Prices dropped on almost everything!!


Spiral satined DV8ish mod is gone! I hope to have more available in the near future though :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of good stuff still available!


Happy Friday to you and yours!


Oh, wow! I haven’t seen a RoK in years. Forgot it was so light…


will u accept a trade?


Agreement has been reached to trade the Ended Fluchs with zan-navi!

Lots of other stuff still available.

I also have a Griffin Wing, Hayabusa and some other stuff that will be available very soon.



I cannot beleive that RoK is still up. AND I WANT IT SO BAD! too bad I don’t have the cash.


Added Oxy IV
RoK is now pending
DV8ish mod is back up for grabs.


Oxy IV and RoK are both gone!

Looking for your broken yoyos (Gung Fu in particular)


Added X-convict, Lyn Fury and Speed Maker


Added Large Bearing FHZ


Not sure if I’ll let this one go or not! In the pics it has a single iPad in it. If you want it ‘Ended’, I can do that. This is a Bape that I have updated the bearing seat. I have cut inserts to fit in the Bape so that you can play it as a large bearing OR a small bearing! This is an extensive mod. If you want more information and/or pictures, just PM me. There is a thread on the mod on this forum as well. $$$Offer!


Added the FrankenPeak!


Prices set on the FrankenPeak and the small bearing / large bearing Bapezilla!