Gung Fu Bearing Seat "Repair"

I got this Gung Fu for lilabner. The bearing seat was pretty mashed up, so it was decided to SPR it. The only problem is that the stock 1/4" axle wouldn’t fit through the Born Crucial SPR! So, the first thing that I did was to install a TE-CO thread repair insert. This reduced the axle threads down to 6-32 (YYJ size axle) and also provided the long term security of the axle screwing into metal instead of delrin. Then I was able to machine it down to accept the Born Crucial SPR. Voila! If you have a messed up Gung Fu, hit me up. This one plays pretty darned nice after the repair! Now to the pics!

Dang… thats way nice, good job!


Looks sharp! Very nice job!