Gung Fu Bearing Seat "Repair"


I got this Gung Fu for lilabner. The bearing seat was pretty mashed up, so it was decided to SPR it. The only problem is that the stock 1/4" axle wouldn’t fit through the Born Crucial SPR! So, the first thing that I did was to install a TE-CO thread repair insert. This reduced the axle threads down to 6-32 (YYJ size axle) and also provided the long term security of the axle screwing into metal instead of delrin. Then I was able to machine it down to accept the Born Crucial SPR. Voila! If you have a messed up Gung Fu, hit me up. This one plays pretty darned nice after the repair! Now to the pics!

(Icanhazsevere?) #2

Dang… thats way nice, good job!

(DOGS) #3


Looks sharp! Very nice job!