Scratch made hub mod on an 888

Dizzo sent me this European 888 that had gotten messed up somehow. The bearing seat was so bent that you couldn’t even screw the yoyo all the way together! Kinda resembled something an elephant may have sat on at some point in time ;D

Anyway, Brent sent it to me to see what I could do with it. I started to just replace the bearing seat with part of a Born Crucial SPR. It was so bent up, though, that I was afraid the hubstacks wouldn’t be usable. So, I decided to bore the bearing seat and hubstack completely out. I then machined a piece of 3/8" aluminum rod down to fit in the hole. Used a bit of Gorilla Glue along with a press fit. After everything had set up I machined the bearing seat and hubstack. I then drilled and tapped the center to the stock 4mm.

Plays pretty good. Has some vibe, but considering what I started out with, I felt like it was pretty good. I plan on teflon taping the axle, and hope that this will help the vibe out. Anyway, on to the pics!

Dang Rice, thats sharp.