888 hubstacks

I just got my 888 today and i’m loving it, but one of the hubstacks seemed to be catching the yoyo and not spinning, like it’s stuck. So if anyone can tell me how to take them off so i can check them? Thank you.

You can wrap a string under the stack on the post until it pops of, or use pliers, which might damage the yoyo.

I had the exact same problem with my superstar and I couldn’t get the bearing off and I ended up breaking the bearing and the inside of it is still on the yoyo, if I were you then I would send it back to wherever you got it from and get a replacement. They should slide on and off.

Thank you, but it’s still catching the yoyo and now it’ll just stop while it’s spinning. Is there anyway i can clean it some how?

I popped them off and on no problem, but i bought it here. Does yoyo expert do a return policy?

Try cleaning the bearing, there is a tutorial here: yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,871.0.html