Can you remove the hubstacks from the 888x? If so, how?

(Q) #2

Pull carefully. Use pliers if you have to. It’s not very tough.


Are you able to put them back on? Or does it break the hubstacks?

(Q) #4

As long as you don’t break them with the pliers, they’re fine. There’s also a bearing under the Hubstacks, with an Oring and such. remove those the same way. Just be careful./


The way hubstacks are put together, there’s a metal post with a bearing that slides into it. A rubber o ring goes on next, holding the bearing in place. Plastic stacks go overtop. So, just pull the stacks off, so you can get to the bearing.

(SR) #6

This might be a little hard to convey and for you to understand over text and without visual aid, but, if you take the a yoyo string, and kind of loop it around the base of the hubstack post and pull, the hubstack and everything else will come off. I think it’s by far the easiest method, but it might be hard to understand as you don’t have any visuals. Just think about it haha.


I agree. This would probably be the easiest and safest way to remove the hubstack and bearing