Can't Remove Hubstacks?

Ok, so I had my 888x for about a month and a half and I’ve never been able to take the hubstacks off. I’ve seen almost all of the videos concerning the art of hubstack removal and mine just doesn’t want to come off. In most of the videos, the bearing comes off with the plastic stack, but in my case, the stack just comes off. Help please?

(the 888 does perform better without hubstacks, right?)

you just need to remove the orings off the bearing and then they will just fall off. also the hubstacks dont seem to affect my play on my 888x.
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With what and how? ???

well it does make the yoyo a bit lighter

It makes the yoyo lighter. That does not always mean it plays better. I like it without hubstack but it makes me feel something is missing…
To remove the hubstack just hold on to the hub really hard and pull.

the bearings don’t always just fall off. Sometimes bearings are broken trying to get them off. Wrap some string around the bearing and pull hard.

You could use a credit card to get the o-ring out just try to slide the card under the o-ring and it should pop out.

^Its what i did when i couldn’t get my bearing out.

Not to sure about better. I play all my 888 with hubstacks. The only thing it changes is it reduces the overall weight of the yoyo. But, since you are removing weight from the middle the 888 is more rim weighted then and could spin longer. But if after removing the o-ring the bearing just doesn’t fall or slip of easily then get a paint can opener and sand down the prying part until it slides under the hubstack bearing and it will pry it off every time. If you do use the paint can opener put a friction sticker or something on the back side that will be touching the wall of the 888 to prevent scratches.

bleh, it just won’t come off.
I’ve tried tweezers, credit cards, even a steak knife…I don’t see why it won’t come off.

I have that same problem!
Ive tried everything and when i pulled the string real hard it snapped !!!

Then stick the yoyo in the freezer. once the aluminum is cold enough the bearing will come off easier. sticking it in the freezer will shrink the aluminum faster than the steel of the bearing.

take an old string and wrap it around the bearing with out the stack on and pull pull pull

i dont know why this is happening to you but try opening the yoyo and then open the hubstacks

I’ve tried.
Is it possible to send it in or anything?