888 hubstack question???

im lookin to buy the 2010 888 but im not sure if i likethe hubstacks…if not can they be removed and how much trouble is it?

I haven’t had to much experience w/ hubstacks but I can fill you in.
-Yes you can remove then, to put on z stacks, or nubs, or whatever the hell you want.
-It isn’t TOO much trouble, I’ve heard from many that it is hard to get the little o-ring back in place.


Please refrain from cursing in any form at all, no matter how small.

Yes they can be removed. It is no trouble at all I took the hubstacks off my Superstar and I put them on my 888 it looks awesome. Oh back to topic ok you get pliers and you pinch them to the hubstacks and you pull then you will see 2 little o-rings ( I Think They Are Called ) and you save those ( Don`t Lose Them) then inside the hubstack you will see a bearing you either get a thermometer or the pliers that you used and you push the bearing out of the hubstack then you get the other hubstack that you are putting on and this is the process for putting the hubstack on again.
First you want to put the bearing on the tube like structure that you see when you pull the hubstacks off then you want to put the o-ring around the remaining top part then you just press the hubstack until you hear a click or it is on tight. That is how you do that. I hope I helped. Or there is a vid on youtube just type in how to take hubstacks off of a 888. :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D

like Born2yo said,
just use your fingers to wiggile it out or use plyers…you can leave the hubstacks off, on, replace them with custom stacks, z-stacks… Just make sure you dont lose the o-ring that holds it in place…

I don’t like hubstacks either…LOL

sweet…thanx guys…so if indeed i dint like them i can take the off and the do i need nubs or can i leave them bare or what…sorry for the dumb questions but ive never had a yoyo with stacks…so thanx for the info guys

Nubs are for looks.

Yeah Nubs are.
They just take that lame look of a axle sticking out.
That would be sick if they came in diff. colors.
Sorry bout’ the cursing too.