How do u remove hubstacks???Also, does anyone no cool hubtricks?

The way I take off hubstacks is by wrapping a string in the space between the actual piece of plastic and the yoyo one or two times, and pulling. The plastic bit will pop off(or more like fly off, so make sure you do this somewhere where you can find it again.). Then you can pull off the o-ring, which will let you take off the bearing. There will still be a post sticking out of the side of the yoyo though.

(repeat on other side)

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If you can afford it, I suggest buying some ricestacks. They look much nicer and are easier to remove

you can either do the string method yoyofoot mentioned (that’s how I usually do it)
or with rice stacks, you can generally just pull them off with your fingers
or sometimes you might have to use plyers. when I do that, I just take a tissue, fold it over a few times to avoid damaging the stack, and pull it off in a kind of rocking back and forth motion.

and I agree with swat, rice stacks look great :slight_smile:
replaced the z stacks on my g5 with them, and put them on my 888