[tut] how to remove hubstacks

all u need is a yoyo with hubstacks and a yoyo string
1-take out the string from the yoyo


2-place it under ur hubstacks as shown in the pictrue


3-pull it hard & thats all !!


tip:make sure u don’t loose any thing while doing this

have fun :wink:


if u like this dont for get to comment :wink:


thats every thing i do but after it comes out the bearing is stuck in the hub

try oiling the bearning and placing the string again but this time just under the bearning without the white stick thingy

if it didnt work place 2 strings under the bearing (same way i showed in the pic) and call ur bro for help
u hold the yoyo and let him pull try doing that in some place clear so if the o-ring fell down u can see it

tip:if the o-ring is white try it on dark ground and if its black try it on white ground

can’t you just use something like an adjustable wrench though?

YYF can make you a custom bearing removal tool I think. They made some a while back. Pretty cool too.