Removing bearing from hubstack?


I’m trying to remove the bearing from a hubstack, and it’s proving difficult. Anyone have some advice?


i use the wooden end of a paintbrush, or a sharpened pencil to push 'em out.


I’m trying to do that with a screwdriver, but they aren’t budging.


I have a method that works for me, but I have NEVER seen anybody else use it.

Wrap a (polyester) string under the bearing five times TIGHT, and then pull the strings out to the sides. Not up, like one would do to pull the bearing itself, but you are instead wanting to squeeze too much string under the bearing to force it up.

If that does not work, add another layer or two, and pull again.



Sometimes they get majorly stuck in there. I suggest to continue trying. If the screwdriver simply isn’t working, then something like a stick or dowel of some sort is a possible alternative.


They still just won’t budge. Its pretty irritating.


I think there is a need for clarification. Bearing is stuck on the post or in the plastic sleeve. What yoyo? Some of the Chinese hubstacks are built strangely.


Well, if the bearing is stuck on the post, I can help. Wrap a string around the post and pull AND rotate the string around. If you just pull, you’re not getting anywhere.

If the bearing is stuck in the sleeve and you can’t get it out with a pencil, I really don’t know what to say. You should specify if what yoyo the hubstacks came with.


It’s stuck in the sleeve, not on the post. It’s a RecRev of some sort, can’t remember what yoyo.


isn’t the Bad Rep a RecRev with stacks?