Bearing stuck in hubstack, any ideas?

I used a bearing removal tool to get another one out but this one just isn’t budging. Any ideas?

Edit: the bearing is stuck inside the hubstack, but I got the hubstack out of the yoyo.

Picture for reference:

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Stick it in the freezer for a bit and then try again with the tool.

Will do thank you


You’re welcome. Good luck! That’s my go-to for stubborn bearings. 20 mins in the freezer seems to help with loosening a bearing.

For stubborn hubstacks another trick is to wrap a string around the post below the hub/bearing and then pull upward


Sorry I should’ve been more specific. The hubstack came out, but with the bearing stuck inside it.

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Chopstick into bearing poking into outside of hubstack so you get it tight. Then hold the outside of the hubstack and rap base of chopstick onto counter top.


Put a string around the bearing and try to pull it out. Worked for me before

get the yoyo it came from
turn the stuck hub stack around BACKWARDS.
Press the hub stack post on the bearing while holding the plastic stack.

A pencil will also work but I know you have the yoyo.