Bearing stuck in hubstack

Ok so I was being dumb today and forgot how to put a hubstack on. So I put the bearing in the hubstack first, now it’s stuck. I have tried methods used before but still won’t budge.

Will putting it in the freezer help?

Stick a pencil through the opening of the hubstack, most likely the bearing will pop out.

Already tried. That’s how I usually do it.

Try putting the tip of the pencil on the actual bearing. then try to push that was how I got bearings out of hubstacks

Sounds familiar ^^^^

Go it :). Just needed some extra push :).

elbow grease son cowboy up!

Oh if it happens again what I do is heat the plastic up with a lighter just enough not to melt it or deform it but to soften it then I push with a penci

Kids, don’t try this at home :wink:

But but but but. No IS NO do not try it at home Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

I usually get the end of the strings for the hood on my hoodie and have to push the actual bearing around the sides because the holes on rice stacks are a lot smaller