888 Questions

(Derek) #1
 My 888 came with a couple of white rubber things in the box that look as if they could some how fit where the hubstacks are, i was wondering what are these? 
 And if i were too clean my 888's bearing (large bearing) how would i get it out, or do i even need to clean the bearing. (I have never had this type of yoyo before, I have a metal zero)
 And i don't want to sound like a beginner, but my bearing started making a scratchy sound, but the play hasn't been affected. I know it's probably something obvious like the bearing being broke in or something, but i just want to make sure because i've never spent this much money on a yoyo before.

(Mark) #2

Your bearing has broken in and thats why it has the scratch sound. My Speeder does that all the time. And are the rubber things wide? If yes, they are Z-stacks and they do go into the place where hubstacks are. And you do not need to clean the bearing yet. If you need too, just unscrew the yoyo and pull out the bearing with fingers. If that doesn’t work, use pliers wrapped with a soft cloth.

(Derek) #3

Ok thanks, i new it was probably that, just wanted to make sure! Actually the white things arent wide they’re smaller than the hubstacks.


those white things are to be put on the hubstacks to hold them on, they are probably just extras.


I think the white things are maybe just extra O-Rings for your hubstacks, or maybe extra delrin pieces.

Also, I recommend to refrain from cleaning its bearing. SPEC bearings are wonderful - Don’t worry, it will play for you great right now, and will continue to do so :wink:

And don’t worry - Chances are the bearing is breaking in :wink:

(Derek) #6

ok, thanks for all the help


Folks, these white things are probably nubs. They’re meant to cover up the mounts for your hubstacks should you want to take them off.