Bearing help

No I do not need to clean my bearing. I’ve decided that my stock bearing I got in one of my 888 hubstacks on Christmas is just a dead bearing. After hours of cleaning and paper slipping, it still isn’t spinning right. My problem is, the only bearing YYE has in stock is $8 and I would like to get a pair or preferably even a whole new hubstacks set in another color. Does anyone know how I could get one cheaper? Preferably from YYE but if you need to you can PM me.

I would say just order one A size YYE bearing, and a set of rice stacks or something.
The YYE A size bearings is 5.99 here:

And rice stacks are 5.50 here:

It would be cheaper than buying the YYF Hubstacked kit for 20$ and you would get the sweet dice Hubstacks. I always thought those looked cool on the 888. Back when I had an 888 that is.
That would only cost you 11.50 versus the new Hubstacked kit for 20. Just a thought.
Good luck.

That’s what I would do, but all size A bearings other than YYF which are $8 are out of stock.

Wow. Great attitude.

I’d take the effort to clean the bearing. I’ve had dead bearings “come back to life” after a proper cleaning. But hey, it’s not my money, so I’m not going to get involved.

If you are going to replace the bearings, why not declare both your existing bearings dead and replace both bearings with new ones? That should perhaps give you a better shot at consistency, but that can’t be guaranteed either.

YYF hubstack kits are $8 for your choice of short stacks or Z-stacks plus a pair of rubber rings. If you buy the complete hubstack kit with bearings, it’s $20 for 2 bearings, the rubber rings and short stacks.

Have you tried having your 3 year old brother put it in his mouth? Lol. My brother had a locked up bearing, and my brother put it in his mouth, so he cleaned it, and now its one of his realy good stock bearings! so try spiting on it with the sheilds out.

I tried to clean it for 3 hours. No luck. I just stuck it out and got two YYF bearings and red rice stacks.

What color is your 888? Just wondering how those red dice stacks are going to look.

I have the black version. They have a picture of them on a black 888 in the store but I’ll post pictures when I get them too. I also just ordered some terrapin hubstack bearings also.

That’s gonna look real nice when you’re done.

That’s funny. I had that exact setup with 888x. Black 888 with red dice stacks. Looks pretty awesome.

That’s what I’m hoping for. To explain the world of yoyoing, I needed one size a bearing which is $8. Four bearings and some rice stacks later I spend $40. Haha