What YYF brearing will fit inside off thier hubstacks?

Are you asking what bearing to use for the hubstack? You need to use the ones it came with. If you have lost those then you need to buy some from another person or from a store. I’m pretty sure you can buy the bearings individually.


They are sold here.

Thats what she said! :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t look like a large.

ok i just can’t find somewhere with white hubstacks o-ring and bearings [b]in stock[b] so any links feel free
There’s the full kit, 11 white sets are left.

I think those are only the hubstacks and o-ring without the brearing.

Oh yeah, you’re right. I can’t find any in stock that have the bearings except YoyoNation. They don’t have white but you can get white ones. Just curious, did you lose the bearings and stacks?