How would i go about doing this.


I just got a Audley L3 from my friend in a trade. He said that to hubstack this i would need 2 B bearings. But what about the little black rings and the actual hubcap. Where can i get hubcaps that would hold a B bearing and the big black rings? Thanks.


I thought it was A bearing.

Not sure if this fits but it might:
Has the stacks and O-Rings.

Also you can find the O-Rings at any hardware or crafts store like Michaels.


the l3 actually does have a b sized bearing thing for the hubstack

im not sure how u can get a hubstack to fit it, my best bet is to just enjoy it without the hubstacks


@ the person 2 posts above me

Thats a YoyoFactory hubstack kid. YYF uses A bearings. Audley does not.


The only thing different about a and b bearings is the inner diameter. Yyf stack should work.


well u should see if ur freind has some hubstacks and try it out with a b sized bearing u can buy a hubstack kit and then 2 b bearings for like 18 bucks


The YYF stack does not work >_>

I took the bearing off my genesis to try and it didnt work. Same with my 888x. Im talking about hubstack bearings btw.


oh i thought the problem was the hubstack the plastic peice…


Nope the bearing doesnt even get on the post. I think the B bearing increase in width is why i need it. because the post is increased in width