When ONE is no good. You need a new ONE.

Got my new YYF ONE yesterday. I ordered it from YOYOEXPERT>com of course. I got it with the extra spec bearing. About the size of a hitman. After a few throws, I decided to change to the spec bearing. The other bearing was giving off a vibration( or so I thought). When I was trying to change the bearing it self destruction put the spec bearing in and it would not seat correctly, no matter what I tried. The axle would not screw in square ether. A couple of email to YYF with some pictures and a new one is on the way. Nice to have a company stand behind a product without a hassle.

Not sure what exactly to make of you predicament but it looks like you half sized spec bearing came apart on you which shouldn’t of happened so hopefully your problem will be resolved shortly. If you don’t get a hold of YoYoFactory try contacting YoyoExpert.

when I changed the bearing on mine I had a harder time to screw it back, but I eventually insisted abit and it happened.

YoYo Factory took care of it no problem. tim