Inconsistent Severe.

Here’s my situation. Last Christmas, I got a 2013 Severe. One day the bearing acted up, so I contacted YYE and they sent a new bearing. Once again, the bearing messed up but fortunately all it needed was a cleaning. Now for the weird part, not long ago, my bearing was acting strange, so I cleaned it and placed it back into my Severe, but it was responsive. I’ve tried cleaning it 3 times but it was the same result over and over again. However, when I placed the bearing into my OneStar, it worked perfectly fine. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

It’s got to be your bearing seat, feel around for any rough parts or stuff sticking out.

To add on the previous story, i found the YYF spec bearing that used to be in my Super G, but it was responsive (I didn’t have an item sharp enough to deshield this bearing), so i just replaced it with a CT. When i placed the supposedly responsive spec bearing into my Severe, it was unresponsive and the amount of vibe on the yoyo decreased a large amount. I’m just happy that it works so yeah problem solved :stuck_out_tongue:

SPEC bearings suck honestly, I find $1 bearings to be better. Try popping a 10 ball or something in there.