My new severe (still) has issues>:(

Recently, I bought my first three metals ( popstar, supernova, and severe) which represents a lot of time of saving my money… I am disappointed because almost half of that bill, I can’t enjoy… My severe came out of the box, not totally, but quite responsive. The wide gap, smooth response pads, and lack of string bunched up in the middle lead my to believe the bearing is somehow bad/ defective/ idk… I have taken it out and lubricated it a few times to find it spinning freely outside, but when I put it back in it slows down a lot… My knuckles are sore and a little swollen from it shooting back to my hand while trying to do anything with a ninja vanish or suicide… Any ideas on what I should do?

Clean the bearing with lighter fluid or mineral spirits. Lubing it makes it more responsive. If you want, you can add a tiny bit of lube and break it in to ensure longevity.


I just cleaned it with mineral spirits, shook it through and thuroughly let it dry etc… I gave it the ninja vanish test which is my main problem and it has not gone away… … … … … I’m out of ideas >:( :frowning: ??? :’(

have to let it break in which takes probley an hour of play…

Clean out the bearing seat. Glue from the pads could have got in there

When your unresponsive yo-yo turns responsive, you can always try cleaning and lubricating the bearing as mentioned above. However since the bearing was responsive straight out of the box, you may have a defective bearing and you should email the retailer you purchased it from immediately so that they can take the appropriate action.

OK, what is that? And how does it apply to a bearing?

Ninja Vanish is a trick which usually requires an un-responsive yoyo. I can do NV on a semi responsive yoyo but if he can’t do it on a Severe, his Severe must be VERY responsive.

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Thanks Icthus[/b]

Yes… The ninja vanish usually snaps back to my hand and hits my knuckles, However I took yoyojamisms advice and let it spin for about 2 hours last night and it seems to work a little better, but it’s still not what you would expect from an unresponsive yoyo

To rule out the yoyo itself take the bearing out of your popstar and put it in your severe. does this fix it?

Oh whoops, sorry Icthus, didn’t notice that.