What is wrong?

Ok so im looking through my throws, and i remembered that my OneStar went responsive, and for some reason i was really determined to fix it, no use. I cleaned the bearing and wiped the bearing seat, and it is still responsive. The string does not seem to be an issue and the response in it is essentially flushed. What else could make it go responsive?

Sounds like you’ve at least attempted to cover all the bases: bearing seat, bearing, response, string

Unless the tiny bit of “wall” right around the response is all scuffed up, it has to be one of the things you’ve already checked, but you’re not spotting which of them it really is.

Bearing’s more or less easy to check: put it into a similarly-weighted yoyo that’s already perfectly unresponsive and see if it continues to play unresponsive. Might as well use the same string, though I highly doubt the string’s the culprit.

Not the bearing or string? Then it’s gotta be the bearing seat or response. Confirm this by putting a known-unresponsive bearing in. Responsive? Yup, seat or response.

Seat’s a tricky one… you could flick-test it. See if it goes as smoothly while on the seat as it does while on a stick/pen/whatever. Remember to test both sides.

That eliminated, it’s probably the response. You already say it’s “essentially flush”… flush can be pretty darned responsive. Most people want it a bit recessed. If it’s a pad that’s allegedly the right size and you don’t want to destroy it, you’re just going to have to play through it and break it in. If it’s flowable, I suggest ripping it out and trying again, this time going less than flush.

That’s a long way of saying: you already know the potential culprits, you’ve just missed seeing that one of them is up to its mischief. :wink:

Yeah i think it was the combination of one of everything. There was a tiny thing on my bearing seat and i thing it was messing with my bearing. I CAN FINALLY PLAY WITH MY ONESTAR WOOOOOO