Unpredictable response in new YYF superstar


Ok, so, here’s the deal. I have a new yoyofactory Superstar - pulsar that I got approximately 2 weeks ago. I’ve played with it about 1 hour a day since then. Recently it has become unpredictably responsive, as in if I throw a good sleeper, and try to return it with a tug, nothing(just the way its been since I’ve gotten it) however every once in a while it will come right back, sometimes on the first tug, sometime on the tenth and I can’t seem to figure out the rhyme or reason of it. My knowledge of yo-yo’s is pretty good, though I’m new to the scene again and used to only used plastic throws back in the 2003-2007 era. I’ve changed the string a few times since this issue started and took it apart and noticed that the area where the 2 halves screw together is starting to wear out/ looks like the finish is being stripped off whenever the 2 halves are put together. I’ll take pictures later when I can but as of right now, I need to go to work. Thanks for whatever help you guys can give me!


Um… Its unresponsive… You know how to bind yet? And also its most likely not stripped, unless you did something really stupid.


I don’t think that was the point, Dragonegs… it’s occasionally being responsive but with no rhyme or reason.

I’ve had this happen. I don’t know a definitive answer. My best guess is that the bearing has some sort of debris or gunk that generally stays out of the way but sometimes causes a problem. I recommend giving that bearing a good cleaning.

Or just keep playing it until it stops doing that… I don’t have the patience for that (especially since it’s not a guarantee that it’ll EVER stop) but lots of people do it.


yeah GregP, that’s what I thought. Ok then. Time to do some bearing cleaning. Thanks!


The issue is either the bearing or the response. Make sure that the response pads are snugly in place, and if they are then try cleaning the bearing. I strongly suspect it’s the bearing.


Yyf bearing seats always wear that way.