okay, on my birthday yesterday i got a turquoise superstar, and it was the most awesome thing ive seen in a while. it played perfect, had great bead blasting and annodization and the hubs worked like a charm. i wanted to even review it, but i can now because all the sudden i noticed it becoming louder and responsive. Eventually it would only sleep for like 9 SECONDS and you could hear it in another room with the door closed. and its completely responsive. I opened the yoyo and found the problem. you know how when the yoyo is taken apart you can just like flick the bearing to make it start spinning? well i could barely move it and something was holding it back from spinning at all. NOW ITS STUCK ON THE BEARING SEAT. please help me on how to get it unstuck and make it noiseless and unresponsive again. PLEASE, i dont want an almost the most awesome yoyo to break after a day and $120 to go to waste!!!

First, get needlenose pliers to get the bearing unstuck. I am not going to assume it is your bearing - Yet. After getting it out, check if there is anything in your bearing seat, or was stuck on the bearing. After getting it off, does the bearing still spin that way when you flick it? Report back.

This happened to one of my yoyos once…one of my hairs got in the bearing. I have long hair so i guess one just fell in there. I just had to desheild then clean and it worked fine.

I hope you get it working so i can try it at states! Good luck!!! :slight_smile:

The shield is dented? That’s what happened to me.

There is nothing visible, what sholud I do?

By clean do u mean just putting it in water. Or do u mean like actually cleaning it with mineral spirits

Cleaning it in lighter fluid, mineral spirits, hydrogen poroxide. You know, that stuff.

It happened to my 888.

could u use rubbing alchohol or dishwasher

It may be that your bearing or some sort around that area there is some thing stalling the bearing from spinning if you know how to be very cautious and take apart the bearing and clean it with a ear cleaner mobob and try it

I wouldnt use the dishwasher. Alchohol maybe, but I would highly suggest mineral spirits/lighter fluid.

I use lighter fluid. :slight_smile:

Won’t peroxide destroy the bearing? It eats stuff away… but maybe just wood. My oboe reed got screwed in it.

Do not clean it with dishwashing soap, rubbing alchohol, or ear cleaner. However, if you are using the SPEC bearing, I heard you can.

I assume that since the yoyo is new that it’s not your response system, but do make sure the pads are seated in there properly. I think that you probably have something stuck in your bearing, most likely underneath the shields. Can you try a different bearing (that is the same size) from another yoyo to verify that it is a bearing malfunction? Also, YYF is a wonderful company that will make things right if you contact them about it. Cleaning the bearing would also probably fix this issue as everyone else has suggested. Sorry it’s not working out for you! I felt the exact same way when my PGM went kaput due to string slippage.

Ok, time to remove the bearing (try pliers) and deshield it. Tell us if you see anything unusual in there.

Also, DO NOT EVER clean a bearing with dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol. Not even sure why this is being suggested in this thread, or anywhere else.

Well take the bearing out with plyers first. Get the plyers and put a paper towel around the bearing. a little tug and it should come out. When it’s out look around the bearing seat. Check the bearing. If everythings good try cleaning the bearing and putting it back in. If it’s still like that, i would recommend getting a new bearing.


get the bearing off, deshield it, clean it with lighter fluid, dry it using commppressed air, and repeat, then slap it back in there, and try it, i would put a diffrent bearing in, just to see if it is indeed the earing, you kno?