Superstar Problems


Just got my superstar its my first yyf metal and it was great but after a while it started vibing a lot. I can see the string vibrating. Is this normal??? or is the bearing just crooked or something? Was looking online and just saw it however i cant remove the bearing with the multi tool or pliers lol. Any help?

(UmeNagisa) #2

Is it tightened?

What about the hubstacks?

If you hit it on the ground a lot
The axle could be crooked
Or the bearing could be bad or needs a cleaning


Actually got the superstar champions collection so it has hubs. It doesnt have any dings and i never hit it on the ground so im assuming its the bearing however it is hard to unscrew and screw the the yoyo.


I’ve played a few Superstars and I even own one. Other than the one guy who had some bad stack bearings that caused the Z-stacks to be kind wierd and make the whole yoyo vibe a teeny bit more as a result, they’ve all been what I’d consider smooth.

Without the stacks on the Champions Edition(it has the posts, you can add them), we have to look elsewhere. Your throw? Bearig breaking in? I’d keep playing it and see if this fixes itself. You are going to need a bearing puling tool at some point, so start considering what you want to do about that.

(G2 Jake) #5

Had problems with the one I had. The bearing seat was was large so it wouldn’t unscrew without a ton of force. Might be something with your bearing seat

(UmeNagisa) #6

try getting the yoyo apart and checking

make sure the axle and bearing are okay.
i anything contact Andre as he would exchange them for a new one!


how could i check if the bearing and axle are ok do i just take everything out and put everything back in??

(G2 Jake) #8

Yes the problem i had was since the seat was so tight the bearing was not going in flat. It was always stuck at an angle

(UmeNagisa) #9

Look to see if the axle is bent or anythin

and try cleaning the bearing and then out it back together!


Cant take the bearing out :frowning: i have a yyf multi tool and the bearing wont budge

(UmeNagisa) #11

put it in the freezer for 10 mins
take it out then try again

it should be easily removable that way
(dont worry this is completely safe, i do this with all my tight bearing seated yoyos)

(G2 Jake) #12

Send it back to YYF, looks like there “quality” control was on top of things again


ill try the freezer thing and if it doesnt work ill contact andre


Not sure why everyone’s jumping to bearing seat issues when he clearly says it was fine and only started vibing recently. Obviously it’s a dirty bearing. Anything to bash YYF though, right?


I tried putting it in the freezer it still wouldnt budge


Leave it longer, or pull harder with the pliers, or just crush the bearing with the pliers and that should take care of it.


nvm i fixed it i changed the center trac with one of my spare bearings its playing much better now thx