So guys i need your help. my winston superstar has a bit of a vibe so i assumed that maybe by adjusting the axle or something i would be able to get rid of it…

but the unfortunate thing is that the open end of the axle where the key is suppose to go into to unscrew it is on the other end and i have no idea how to remove it without damaging the axle…

any tips on how to either remove the axle or get rid of the vibe?


I have owned numerous Superstars…and have had the same issue. It’s not the axle…unless you bent it somehow.

Honestly it’s not worth going through the trouble…you run the possibility of stripping the axle / thread or both and that’s never fun.

If you’re deadset on getting rid of the menial vibe associated with your (excellent choice in) Superstar than try putting the yoyo together again. Only this time tighten it as much as you can comfortably go without overtightening it. If it feels like you are about to…you probably are.

Flip the yoyo over so it’s in the same position you were holding it…only now your looking at the other side.

Unscrew it.

If that doesn’t work.

You can either use 100MPH tape / rubber band / old string etc; to wrap the axle and protect it’s threads while you use pliers to unscrew it.

The latter never worked reliably for me. Trust me when I say you’re better off leaving it be.

The vibe may be caused by some warping in the metal due to dings or a hard impact against something.

The bearing can also be a source of vibe at times.

If you ever want to trade off that Winston Superstar give hit me up :wink:

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Go get an Alan key?
I think thats how you spell it.


The side of the axle that has the allen key opening is stuck in the yoyo.

Otherwise I would have suggested the same.


First off, trying switching bearings before trying an axle ‘surgery’. Axles are easy to damage and trying to forcibly remove one should be a last resort. You may also want to try out checking every inch of the yoyo for any stuck objects, excessive dust, loose parts, etc.

Now, if that didn’t fix it, you may want to try to remove the axle. First, wrap a thick rubber band around the axle A LOT. Seriously. You did it wrong it wrong the first time you tried, do it again and wrap it around more. Make sure it’s TIGHT.

Next, try to find a vice grip, or at least a pair of pliers with a lot of leverage (but you’d be better off with a vice grip). Then, tighten it up but not too much. Try to rotate the yoyo. If you can rotate the yoyo without the axle coming out, just stop. You’ll probably strip the axle.

If worst comes to worse, you may have to pick up a new axle. They aren’t too hard to find. You can pm Calibuddah on the other site and he should be able to hook you up with one.

To remove the axle 100% of the time, throw it in a vice grip and tighten it as much as possible. Then, twist the yoyo. should come out no problem, but this will completely ruin the axle.

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Go to the hardware store and find two nuts that will fit on the axle. Thread both of them on to the axle and tighten them against each other. Place a wrench on the nut and unscrew the axle. It’s just that easy ;D.


If you do mess up your axle yye sells yyf sized axles.