Axle help

My Superstar won’t tighten anymore.

It starts to tighten then it slips(?) and it’s loose again. The axle will screw in both halves and stay
and the yoyo will tighten without the bearing just not with the bearing in.


Sounds like you partially strip the threads on one or both of your halves. Maybe use a longer axle? Or possibly loctite the axle to one side.


Thanks for the reply, funny thing is I just ordered a longer one a few days ago. Hope it works.

If that doesn’t work, you might ask a modded to retap it for you

I’ll probably get an iceberg.

Newer or older superstar? If you got it recently I would contact the store you purchased it from, but if it’s an older superstar there isn’t a lot you can do aside from getting it retapped. Might not be worth the shipping cost to have a modder fix it unless you can find someone local.

New, bought it from you guys but over a year ago.

Yeah, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Yeah, over a year old we can’t replace it, but if you want to send it back I’d be happy to take a look at it for you. We are usually able to fix a stripped yo-yo, but again, it might not be worth the cost of international shipping to send it back.

Not worth it, thanks though. Got another one coming.

Guess I was overtightening.