Urgent!!! Just recieved another superstar, axle problem!!! What to do?

:frowning: OK i just opened the box to my new superstar and upon unscrewing the two halfs i found it almost impossible to turn, it was very hard to turn but i separated the two halfs everything looked fine the, except when i tried to put it back together the axle would not go in(Almost as if it was to big) then i looked into the axle hole and noticed thin metal shavings i took some canned air blew them out and it was still incredibly hard to screw it back together so i was wondering if i should get a new axle or return it for a replacement if thats even possible?

Yoyo half may be stripped.

If you bought it new and it had this problem then you should contact YoYoFactoryBen - try pming him: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=438.

If your yoyo is brand new. I think it’s the bearing seat.
new yoyo sometimes have an extra tight bearing seat, sometimes it’s because the thickness of the anno (too thick).
Try to apply more force to it, it may squeak, but it will be fine.
In time, if you offtenly open the yoyo, the anno around the bearing seat will strip, and that is also fine.

From his original post (below), it sounds more like stripped threads. A tight bearing seat is unlikely to result in metal shavings in the axle hole.

Im with everyone else. Sounds like you stripped your yoyo accidentally, or it was stripped when it was tightened first off. That way one of the threads is off and you’re turning into metal. Not a good feeling thats for sure. Try untwisting and twisting until you pass the thread by luck (sometmies that works).

Might need to contact YYF for this one.

Again I am with other users in that it might be stripped threads. The presence of metal shaving inside of the hole suggests that the axle was cross-threaded when it was inserted (most likely at the factory since you opened it for the first time and it was already tight). My opinion: contact YoYoFactory and explain the problem to them and request a new yoyo. Worse that they can say is no right?

YYF customer service is great. Use it.