stripped axel

so ive been yoying for about a year and seven or eight months ago i got a superstar and because i was so unskilled I stripped the axle. unfortunatley that didnt teach me a lesson so when i got my northstar before christmas i did the same thing. Iguess I need to be more careful. but i was wondering if there is anyway to fix this. I now I an just buy a new axle but the thing is is that the threaded part that the axle goes into is also stripped. are my yoyos broken forever or will i be able to fix them. please help.

You can get a modder to take the hub out and replace it, but that won’t be cheap.

That’s very sad and dissapointing. If the axel is thread IN the yoyo, really there isn’t any way to change it unless you are willing to modify and customize the yoyo in an extreme way. I’ve tried it:
I was trying to make my Yomega HotShot a bit better, so I accidentally cracked a few times, broken it a few times and smashed it a few times. I also used tape on one side to tape it on the cracks.
Result: A dead unresponsive yoyo which has tight binds and can beat other high end metals when it comes to the ease of laceration and suicides. Also made it %50-%70 more stable. Weird, but it happened and I was so happy.

The superstar can be rethreaded, but the nothstar you would need to break the one side to replace the nut inside it.

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It would be easier and cheaper on the superstar to have it re-threaded with a slightly larger thread size.

where can i get it rethreaded?

You will need to pay a modder to do it. Here is a list of modders you can choose from.

and which of these modders are capable of rethreading it is not listed as something they do. do i have to ask each on individually?


Usually just their specialties are listed. The threading job is a trivial task not worth listing, so most any of them can do it. You just have to contact one and see if they are available.

That too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

anyone wonder why the northstar didnt use the same axle as the protostar where you can replace it if something goes wrong? yyfben told me that thery are the same, but im like 99.99% sure to get it out youd have to break the cap, which would suuuuuuuuuuuck

You can’t take the axle out of the ProtoStar or NorthStar without breaking the cap.

At least on the Protostar you can. The Protostar uses a set screw axle and a nut under each cap.

If he said they are the same then that’s enough proof I need.

Yea the protostar can be take. Out. But my northstar I’m pretty sure is just like the same hexnut ended axle which can’t be removed unless the cap is broken. Idk why he would tell me they’re the same if they’re not

Take a look at the end of that axle. That’s a hole for an allen wrench. So currently we have my assumptions, YYFBen’s answer, and photographic proof that it uses a setscrew axle. That is more than enough proof for me to say conclusively that the Northstar does in fact use a setscrew axle.

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yea i see that now. i haven’t seen the new northstars like that. i got mine back in october and it doesnt have that axel type… sadface

It’s still entirely possible that the hole for the hex key is just facing in towards the yo-yo shell that it is stuck in, thus hidden from view. That’s how it was when I got my Protostar.

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So there ya have it.
get the pliers out, kids. :o