Help please guys!!!!!!!!! stuck axle!!!!!!!!!!

my brother accidentally have puten a wrong axle on my superstar and it is different in size than the original superstar axle. Well i find the original axle but the one that my brother have puten wouldn’t come out i tried all ways please help!!!

If you don’t mind damaging the axle then squeeze it real hard with pliers and turn to get it out. Also if the axle is a diffrent size then it might crossthread and ruin the superstars axle spot…maby. Hope that it dosen’t.

Since it’s the wrong one, grab it with a pliers or vice grips to unscrew it.

Use a vice grip.

If that isn’t enough, use a rubber glove or a rubber bottle opener for more grip on the yoyo.

Put it on a drill, tighten it as much as you can, the hit reverse. If all else fails, make your brother pay.

guys its bigger and its unscrewable what should i do.

Just do what I said to. There hasn’t been an axle I wasn’t able to unscrew with that method.

sorry but i dont have a very good english lanuage what is a drill.

its a wood working tool to “drill” screws into wood

if none of that ^ works (which it should)
then use the nut trick. or whatever it’s called.
what you do is put on two nuts. take pliers or a wrench and unscrew the nut that’s on the bottom. I’ve done this for all of my stuck axles when nothing else worked.

Use an allen wrench, bro.

That of course assumes that the socket is on the exposed side. On the other hand, if he can’t get it with a pliers, an allen wrench definitely will not work.