bearing trouble


my friend has a g-funk. he said the spec bearing was making a weird sound, so he tried to put in a od 10 ball. the original spec was a size c. he tried to put in a size c 10 ball but it wouldnt go into the seat completely. it had a gap of about half a mm between the bearing and the seat. he tried to force it (before i knew about all this) and it got stuck. he eventually got it out after trying to pry it out for a half hour. anyone know what happened or why it happened?


Well, traditionally, YYF yoyos have tight fitting bearing seats.

I’m always somewhat amazed at the number of people’s “friends” who have bearing problems that they can’t seem to ask about themselves… :wink:


I’ve often wondered that myself.


Umm, yeah, nevermind.


I’m serious he got his first yoyo (the G-Funk) for Hanukkah the other day and he texted me last night. He just started the other day so he didn’t sign up for the forum. I told him to and he said he will soon.