a bearing doesn't fit

i bought a twenty five dollar x wing bearing from john on ebay and it doesn’t fit. it is bigger by not even 1mm, what should i do?

by the way, the yoyo i use it on is an one drop m1

It doesn’t fit. There isn’t anything you can really do.

there is nothing you can do if bearing is to big but by a new one

what bearing size is it. maybe you bought the wrong size or the guy sent you the wrong size.

Never heard of that bearing. Do you know who this “John” is?

you can buy it on ebay. they showed it on yoyoskills.com


i bought the 6mmx13mmx5mm, that is the size of a size c large bearing, right

and another problem, when i play my m1 with 10 ball bearing, the string always get stuck between the bearing and the yoyo
it never sit in the middle

any way to fix that

One possible reason is that the bearing is not put in the bearing seat properly. If that is the case, just try to use your body weight to get the bearing in the bearing seat. Another reason may be that the yoyo is not tightened properly. For this, just tighten it.

Is it actually between the bearing and the axle or is it just on the side of the bearing, by the yoyo? If it’s still on the bearing, then you just need to work on your throw. If it’s not still on the bearing, take it apart and make sure the bearing is securely in the bearing seat, then put the yoyo back together, and play.

And I haven’t personally measured the bearings, but metric and U.S. measurements are never dead on. With a conversion rate of 1in.=2.54cm, approximately, the numbers rarely match up.

I have actually had this problem with my 10ball…It would get stuck in between the bearing and yoyo…the edges of the 10ball are rounded off…I just replaced it with a spec and viola…it worked.
The bearing seat is not the problem…

I’ve also stated this problem in my M1 review


The size of a normal c bearing is .250 x .500 x .187 in.