Modded 'Vict Bulldog Lunatic Custom FHZs Lg & Sm & ILYY Bearings Spike Stacks!


Looking for:

YYF Small Bearing Lunatic. One small ding that goes through the ano. Otherwise in mint condition. $50

Hubstacked YYJ/Ricerocket X-Convict. Some cracks near the rims. Plays like a dream. Light stack vibe, but smooth on the string. Comes with the Ricestacks shown in the pictures. $35

Just finished up a few totally custom FHZs. I have 2 that I have machined the hub area out and made a custom hub that features a large bearing as well as hubstacks! I took it one step further and turned the hubstacks into side spinners! Yep, you can grab the side caps during play. They do ‘growl’ while playing. My guess is that it is because the bearing is completely enclosed, and sort of echoes. Two of the three are silicone recessed and feature Slime Green flowable! The other is pad recessed and features iPads. You can see more information as well as pics of the pad recessed one HERE. $45

BEARINGS! I have lots of stainless steel ‘A’ sized as well as ‘C’ sized bearings available. They have been cleaned and treated with Terrapin X ‘JUCE’. Long spinning bearings! $6 fir the first bearing. $5 for each additional bearing. This includes shipping in the USA.

Spike Stacks! These should fit virtually any YYF hubstacked yoyo. I have found that due to the thickness of the ano on the hubstacks, you may have to ‘shim’ them to get them tight. A thin layer of tape should do the trick! $8 / pair includes shipping in the USA. Available in long or short, black or white (all 4 configurations available).

Big Deal Ricestacks! Available in translucent clear only. $4.50 for a set of 2 Ricestacks. Does NOT include the c-clips. (Obviously this does NOT include the yoyo!) (8 sets available)

FHZ. I believe it was painted by Higby. Beautiful paint job. One cap is cracked. I silicone recessed it and added shmoove rings. $20 PENDING! to jensen hartford

Chico YoYo Company Bulldog. Gloss blue ano. Smooth as butter. Mint condition. $70

Griffin Wing offstring yoyo. Has normal offstring scuffs. $12

DV8ish Mod. A custom made loosely resemble the original Buzzon DV8. I started with a stock Menehune, narrowed it and added custom aluminum rings. Shmoove rings are added to the inside, and then a Born Crucial large bearing SPR is used for bearing seat and response. Spiral satined. Slightly wider and slightly smaller diameter than a stock DV8. Very fun to play, and unforgiving on a bad throw! $30 shipped in the USA!

Brand New ILYY Size bearings. (2) flat s KK[/s]. $7 each for the flat, $14 for the KK KK Sold to attybud

I have several translucent blue Freehand Zeros available to be modded your way.

You can get them silicone recessed or pad recessed. Price INCLUDES a Terrapin X center cut bearing. Shmoove rings can be cut into it for you. Rubber weight rings that fit under the caps are also available. Satin (regular or spiral satin) available at no additional charge. $28 for silicone recessed, $30 for pad recessed. Reshapes available at additional cost.

I also have 4 clear FHZs available. Price INCLUDES a Terrapin X center cut bearing. $33 for silicone recessed $35 for pad recessed. Could also do shmooves, satin (regular or spiral) and rubber weight rings at no additional charge. Would come with the 3 Duncan counterweights that come in the retail package.

Born Crucial SPR mod option available for $7 additional. Can be done as large bearing or small bearing. This option would come with a flat cleaned bearing if done as a large bearing or a grooved bearing if done as a small bearing.

Set of FHZ rubber weight rings. These fit under the stock caps and add about 6.6 grams for the set. $3 / set shipped


metal zero 2 with 2 counterweights for anything?


Thanks for the offer, but really not looking for a Metal FHZ.


Added Big Deal Ricestacks and Higby FHZ

Pyro Light, Wooly Marmot and white/blue FHZ are sold!

G(point)5 is pending.


yoyofactory pocket change for anything


No thanks. Please make any offers via PM. Thanks.


Added a modded Gung Fu and several interesting FHZs.


Menehune, Viper and Hayabusa gone.

Price drop on the FrankenPeak!


Added a custom polished Dingo with custom Ricestacks!


PM’d I want that dingo…


Dingo may be pending soon. Nothing set in stone yet, so if you want it, offer up quickly.

(Mr. Nathan) #13

how does the dingo play?


Extremely smooth on the string. Small stack vibe.


Look out, the prices are falling!


i want the yyf 44 speical lmk if still avalible


44 Special back up for grabs. Awesome deal on it, too!


Added Spacks and a Big Deal with Ricestacks!

(BB) #37

Any pics of the small spacks that dont go over the rim?on the yoyo and compared to the regular


Short Spacks vs. Long Spacks.

No, the Augie twins are NOT for sale :slight_smile:

(LookAYoYo) #39

want a skyyline? pmed.